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First Python Program

To write your first Python program, you will need a text editor or an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Some popular IDEs for Python include PyCharm, Eclipse with the PyDev plugin, and Visual Studio with the Python plugin.

Once you have a text editor or IDE set up, you can start writing your first Python program. Here’s an example of a simple program that prints a message to the console:

# This is a comment
print("Hello, World!")  # This line prints a message

To run this program, save it to a file with a .py extension (e.g., and then run it using the Python interpreter. On the command line, you can do this by navigating to the directory where you saved the file and running the following command:


This will execute the code in the file and print the message “Hello, World!” to the console.

Congratulations, you have written and run your first Python program!

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