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How to Access GPT-3 API

Access GPT-3 API

We all are waiting for CHAT GPT APIs to be publicly available but until that is not we can use GPT-3 API to connect AI and get automated API responses based on “DaVinci” engine. GPT is the actual technology behind the CHAT GPT so let’s see how to access GPT-3 API

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Step 1: Log into your OpenAI account and obtain API Key

To access the GPT-3 API, you will need to create an OpenAI account and apply for access to the API.

  • Sign up and Sign in to the OpenAI website.
Access GPT-3 API
  • At the right top corner of the page click on “view API keys”.
How to Access GPT-3 API
  • Click on “Create an API Key” and obtain a new open API key.
How to Access GPT  API

Step 2: Download the required libraries

Download openAPI python library required for the code, instead of python any other coding language also works fine with GPT-3 APIs.

pip install openai

Step 3: Create code to access GPT-3 API

Following is the example python code which can be executed from anywhere, in this case we are running it from Linux terminal.

Create a code and give executable permission,

vi heyGPT3
#!/usr/bin/env python3

#Import  Modules
import openai,os,sys

prompt = sys.argv[1]
openai.api_key = os.environ['api_key']

completions = openai.Completion.create(
# davinci-003 , davinci-002 also can be used.

message = completions.choices[0].text
chmod +x heyGPT3

Step 4: Talk to GPT bot from anywhere

Export API key to authenticate

export api_key=1k-XXXX

Start questioning GPT and amazed with the response

Access GPT-3 API

Above is an example of how to access GPT-3 API and perform some operations to get useful results but there are numerous opportunities to build applications around it. Currently, CHAT-GPT APIs are not available to the general public but can be requested from ChatGPT API request Form.

Check out our new article for How to access New ChatGPT and Whisper API

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